To me inspirations for my art is a combination of great artists of the past and the inner visions I see today. In my own way I explore realms of light and color on my canvases. Each painting is sometimes like a soul-searching journey in itself. It is a great moment at those times when my art serves as an inspiration for viewers to find and release their own hopes and dreams. Sometimes I relate to my paintings as visual prayers – a reminder that it is by the grace of God that I am alive and can create and share my art.

My art is often described as visionary, mystical, spiritual, surreal, dreamy, inspirational, healing, uplifting, etc…

Reviews from Selected Exhibitions:

“In a style of fantasy realism, his universes are awe-inspiring. His blissful visions show us that there is a vastly dimensional world within our grasp through meditation, prayer and spiritual direction.”

                                                                        -Manhattan Arts International

“Some art simply makes me feel immediatly inspired and a sense of harmony,bliss and peace. Benny H.V. Andersson’s paintings comprise that catagory of art that for me is healing. I describe it as having a positive visceral reaction and connection to the art and my heart, a warm healing flow of energy that glows within, healing every cell in my body.  Benny’s paintings invite you into an other wordly existence of wholeness, unity, perfection, abudance and possibilities. Love abounds in crystal clear reflective pools and magnifcent colors and unlimited skies.  It is no supprise that he has collectors internationally and that many of his shows have sold out in a short time. His art is often descibed as visionary, spiritual,symbolic, surreal…

Since he was young Benny felt a  call to try and create paintings that would inspire to inner reflection regarding our existence and Life itself in this vast universe. He became interested with the healing aspect of art. Now he receives many letters and calls from people who share their inspirations they experience from his paintings.      Benny has exhibited his art regulary in USA and Sweden. He has been represented by Bijutsu Sekai Gallery  in Japan since 1996 and has had numerous exhibitions in different locations in Japan as well as Korea  and China.”

-Renee Phillips, Manhattan Arts International, New York City

“For this artist the act of painting appears to be a deeply spiritual process of revealing the divinity of nature. He communicates his intent to elevate the viewer through stylized form and religious and spiritual symbols. The symmetrical compositions and idealized imagery evoke the mystical yearning within the soul for the infinity…”

                                  -Alexandra Shaw, Manhattan Arts International, New York City

“Andersson shows meticulously detailed fantastic landscapes in wich angels and vistas spires commingle with waterfalls that turn into starry cosmos, creating fascinating counterworlds of the imagination.”

                                                                            -Artspeak, New York City

“…the work of this international exhibited artist is meticulously painted visionary compositions and spiritually uplifting paintings, that brings solace to the viewer…”

                                 -J. Sanders Eaton, Gallery Studio & Magazine, New York City

“…Andersson bjuder på ett expressivt måleri med kraftfulla  färger. Han har något av drömska motiv där den religösa dimenssionen ofta intar en central roll. Han är en konstnär som nått internationell uppmärksamhet och finns representerad i flera länder. Han är mycket intressant  genom sina motival och sina färger och utgör på så sätt en motpol till det traditionelle måleriet. Han har en närhet till sitt skapande som känns övertygande och äkta och ställer betraktaren inför det extensiella, mellan livet nu och det kommande…”

                                                  -Stig Martinsson, Blekinge Läns Tidning, Sweden


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